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Herbs That Heal Heal yourself naturally.

  • Anti- inflammatory herbs
  • Herbs that aid digestion
  • Herbs to help you sleep
  • Herbs to help you avoid harmful drugs


Do anticancer herbs provide a better approach to cancer?

The book The Paw Paw Program A “Christopher Columbus” Approach To Cancer by Lorene Benoit offers years of research, testimonials, case studies and a paw paw protocol program to follow.  Paw Paw is one of the most well researched anticancer herbs. A Christopher Columbus Approach To Cancer

Benoit applies 30 years of studying, researching, and teaching natural health to help you understand the causes of cancer.  She also describes an approach that works with the natural healing laws of the universe and your body’s immune system.

What do anticancer herbs have to do with Christopher Columbus?

The people, in Columbus’s day, believed the world was flat. For centuries this was the common, prevailing belief.  Do you have the belief that cancer cannot be cured?  Do you believe the only treatments available are the mainstream ones such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery?  Benoit urges you to think outside the box, explore a different approach and learn more.

In North America, billions of dollars have been raised to support cancer research.  More and more money is being spent on developing and promoting radiation and chemotherapy.  Has this helped to decrease cancer?  Is there a cure in sight?

Benoit suggests it is time to question the current approach to how cancer is caused and treated.

Cancer herbal treatment needs to be included in the solution of preventing and reversing cancer.

The Paw Paw Program book takes an in-depth look at:

•    The cause of cancer.

•    The connection of sugar to cancer.

•    The cancer cycle.

•    A history of anticancer herbs – herbs that have been used for centuries.

•    The 4 pillars of optimal health.

•    Nutritious gluten free and sugarless recipes.

•    Details of the paw paw program.

•    Testimonials and client studies.

Benoit’s book is for everyone who is seeking knowledge about:

•    Natural alternative cancer treatments.

•    An approach that can be integrated with mainstream methods.

•    Ways to understand the cause of cancer

•    Lifestyle changes to prevent cancer.

Like Christopher Columbus’s concept of a round world, this book offers you another approach to cancer.

Benoit backs up the paw paw program cancer herbal treatment with an extensive bibliography.  She has referenced over 80 books and 20 websites.  She encourages every reader to take responsibility for their own health and well-being; and to make educated decisions about their lifestyle and cancer treatments.

This book is a must read if you, or a loved one, have or want to prevent cancer.  Anticancer herbs can provide a viable alternative.

Educate yourself about your own health care.

Find out about cleansing your body, mind, emotionally, and spiritually.

For information on ordering the Paw Paw book.

Contact me – Corinne Floyd.

To your optimal health,

Corinne Floyd




Corinne Floyd

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